Alisa B. LeBeau
Character Name: Alisa Beatrice LeBeau
Real Name Alisa Beatrice LeBeau
Code Name Code name: N/A
Alignment Former Thieves Guild Enforcer, Current Bodyguard and Assistant to Alistaire Shaw
Affiliation Currently none
Base of Operations Manhattan, New York City


Alisa B. LeBeau does not know much of her own past. That she was adopted and brought to live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by members of the Thieves Guild. There were always rumors she was a replacement Jean Luc LeBeau's adopted son, Remy LeBeau. Just in case something happened to "Le Diable Blanc", Alisa LeBeau would take his place and marry an Assassin in order to keep the peace between the warring Guilds in New Orleans. But in the end, there was no need for her to replace Remy Lebeau (whom she never met in person). Unsure of what to do with the young woman who was adopted into the Guild, Alisa began training as a "Guild Enforcer". A "Guild Enforcer" would go out to those who had wrong the New Orleans Thieves Guild in any way and collect payment… or break a few knee caps to remind them to never mess with the Guild again. They also worked as bodyguards to various high ranking members of the Guild and their families, and in rare cases for the rich and influential.

By the time she was sixteen and her powers had finally developed, Alisa had gained a reputation in New Orleans for being as cruel as she was beautiful. No one dared to mess with Guilds once they heard Alisa was going to be sent their way. But eventually Alisa grew bored of taking care of the problems for the Guild in New Orleans as well as in Baton Rouge. She left the Guild and the state of Louisiana behind to go attend college in New York City (her scholarship was rumored to have been paid in full by Sebastian Shaw himself, as he took a shine to the young Alisa during a meeting at The Hellfire Club that dealt with both the Thieves Guild and the Enforcers).

With her high IQ and impressive High School transcript, Alisa became a student at ESU, graduating early with a Masters in History and a minor in Art History. She moved to Manhattan and had worked as an art dealer and authenticator for awhile. Eventually, she met Alistaire Shaw and the two struck an unusual relationship. He was the first serious relationship she had with anyone, as well as her first personal contract as an Enforcer. While she viewed Alistaire as "being a pompous ass", she had come to develop some strong feelings for him. Feelings that would never be returned.

During a raid that Alistaire Shaw had orchestrated, Alisa lost part of her leg in an explosion while saving his life. She finally admitted she did love him to some degree, and in turn he told her he was incapable of returning such feelings. With the loss of her leg and a feeling of being lost, Alisa threw herself back into her work. She was fed bad information from members of the Enforcer branch who wanted to see her out of the Guild or in a lesser role. This bad information led to Sebastian Shaw becoming a powerful enemy to her, and a man she feared greatly. After being attacked in her own home, and then saved by her new enemy, Alisa fell apart. She was no longer independent or as strong as she once had been. It lead to her paying to leave the Enforcer's branch of the Guild, as well as leaving her job with Alistaire Shaw.

During this time, Alisa focused on her artwork, trying to attend the Xavier Institute in their "high learning" program, and work on her relationship with Ryan Grimm. Unfortunately, the trauma she endured in such quick succession lead to her developing severe self esteem issues, and bouts of depression. This impacted several relationships (Ryan Grimm, the Xavier Institute), as she began to sabotage herself for failure, feeling as though she did not deserve any of it.

Alisa soon found herself coming under attack from other sources. After going back to work for Alistaire Shaw, she was gunned down on the street, leaving her with brain damage. Alistaire Shaw did not wish to give up on his investment into her, and contacted a company called "Tech Sync", who were known for their neurological implants. They convinced Alistaire that the implants were the only way to bring Alisa LeBeau back to the way she once was, while failing to disclose that previous owners of their implants had been hacked into and forced to kill themselves or others. Alistaire agreed to the installation of these implants, without knowing any of this information.

With her new neurological implants helping to regulate her powers and prevent "over-loads" , Alisa was starting to slowly return to normal. She even made friends with a woman named Reiko, who Alistaire hired to help her heal from her injuries. But as usual, her bad luck hit her and hit her hard. Arcade began the hacking process into the implants, forcing Alisa to begin to feel paranoia and drive even more people away from her. Alistaire recognized that she was "unwell", and had her sent to a psychiatric facility for a month in hopes that the implants and therapy would help even her out. Once they did, her "normal" behavior returned.

After hearing that her friend Reiko was virtually a carbon copy of herself, Alisa sought to free her from having to be a pawn to her family in Japan, the Yakuza. Going back on any dream she had to return to the Xavier Institute, Alisa requested that Alistaire help her to free Reiko, but not enslave her as they had. He agreed to these terms, and the trio went to Japan. For the first time in a long time, Alisa unleashed her true potential against the Yakuza. She had slain several members, including Reiko's grandfather in a brutal battle. Afterwards, Alisa realized a painful truth she had been denying for so long… she was still in love with Alistaire Shaw.

Once she returned to the States, Alisa went back to her mansion in Westchester, alone. The sexual tension of the trip got to her, and she wanted to separate herself from Alistaire to sort out her feelings. It was then that Arcade managed a complete hack of her implants and took her over, completely. Arcade used Alisa like a puppet, kidnapping Tech-Sync employees and four super heroes to play in his new Murder World. Everything was broadcasted live on Youtube and one hi-jacked cable station, much to everyone's horror.

There were brief moments Alisa was able to help the heroes in Murder World, as Arcade's connection sometimes fizzled out. But after the heroes were freed, she did not want to take the risk of hurting them or anyone else. Alisa made the ultimate sacrifice, electrocuting herself to fry her own neurological implants. She did this knowing she may never fully recover or be the same, because it was the right thing to do, and that she did not want any of the heroes to feel guilty for doing harm to her.

Virtually lobotomized from the lose of her neurological implants, Mary Storm took Alisa to Pier 4 for treatment. It would be sometime before the scientists at Pier 4 could make her new implants and prevent her from being hacked into. So until further notice, Alisa is a resident of Pier 4.


Jean Luc LeBeau (Adopted)

Other Relatives

Remy LeBeau (adopted), Henri LeBeau (deceased), Brianna LeBeau (Niece)

Important Relationships

Her best friend (formerly with benefits) is Alistaire Shaw. Ryan Grimm (ex-boyfriend)


Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 145 pounds (She weighs a bit more due to the weight of her prosthetic leg)
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Red on black

Other distinguishing marks or characteristics:

Alisa has a large tattoo of a sword that goes down the middle of her back, a mark that she is a high ranking Enforcer of the Thieves Guild. She also lost part of her leg while trying to save Alistaire Shaw's life.

Powers & Abilities

Genius levels of intelligence (though appears not to act on them all the time or is down playing how smart she is), basic lock picking, can speak many different languages due to her business (Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Cajun French, French, and English), the ability to absorb the anger and rage around her and turn it into enhanced strength, invulnerability, and speed for herself. Alisa is also trained in hand to hand combat and fire arms training (though she tries to not use firearms as they feel so "impersonal").

Significant Weaknesses

Alisa is unable to draw from her own anger and absorbing too much rage can cause an "overload" in which she loses control of herself or passes out. She has to monitor how much she absorbs and how quickly she can release it. Alistaire Shaw is possibly her greatest weakness. She cannot say no to the man and still harbors feelings for him. She also has a new found fear of sounds that remind her of the blast that claimed part of her leg, as well as the feeling of being weak and vulnerable. She also suffers from severe bouts of depression, issues with self worth, and self esteem.

Source of Powers

Alisa's powers and Intelligence were something she was born with. Everything else she got through training with the Enforcers section of the Thieves Guild

Other Skills



Retractable baton, fists, Luger 9mm pistols, throwing knives, anything on hand or in her personal armory, really.

Teams and Affiliations

Employed by Alistaire Shaw


Alisa comes off as brash or arrogant at times. But once a character gets to know her, they see she is actually not that bad. She worries over those who she feels are her friends and is willing to help them at any cost.

Fun Facts

Totally optional, but they add a little depth to your character's personality.

Birthday Unknown (Presumed to be 26 years of age) Favorite Color Red
Favorite Food Curry (Japanese or Indian) Favorite Music Classical
Likes Dislikes
Fine Art Custom made suits for herself People who think she is a "southern hick" Fake Artwork
Picaso Expensive Vodka Cheap drinks Dogs
Her Original Shelby Cobra Antique Furniture Mutant Haters The Yankees Baseball Team
The New Orleans Saints Football team Sushi Assassins Thai Food
Art Galleries Museums Pop Concerts (They make traffic a nightmare in NYC) Politics (she deals enough with that in the Guild)
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