Hana Blaire
Hana Blaire
Real Name Hana Blaire
Code Name Eclipse
Alignment Hero.
Affiliation X-Men & Silver Sable Inc.
Base of Operations She lives on the grounds of Xavier's school.


Hana was born to Longshot and Alison Blaire in Nagano, Japan on January 1, 1991. She was born mere moments after her twin brother Aiden. The first of the year is an auspicious day for the Japanese people and is celebrated country-wide. As a result, Hana spent the much younger years of her life thinking that her birth was cause for great joy and celebration.

Hana's was a life filled with every comfort. The family was well off financially, thanks to Alison's musical career resurgence in Japan and Longshot's secretive work with a ninja clan working opposite The Hand. Compensating, perhaps, for the loss of her mother at an early age and the emotional distance of her father, Alison lavished affection on her children at every turn. Hana was often praised for her accomplishments, although there were times when she felt as though her parents took to Aiden and her younger brothers just a little bit easier than they did to her, for whatever reason. Still, on the whole, there was almost nothing that could be counted as missing from her early years.

The Blaire children eventually numbered five, with Hana and Aiden the oldest of the group, followed by younger brother Percival (Percy), younger sister Emi, and the baby of the family, Tristan. The children were taught all three languages of their born and adopted heritages and as a result, Hana fluently speaks and writes English, Japanese, and Cadre — the language of Longshot's people from Mojoworld, which is spoken by only approximately ten people on planet Earth. In addition to language and Japanese culture, Hana was also taught martial arts and self-defense by both her parents. During these lessons, Hana gravitated toward and excelled at sword fighting. It is an exercise she finds calming and invigorating all at the same time.

The minor disconnect Hana felt with her mother at time drove her to pursue additional hobbies that mirrored the things Alison loved. Music and dance were two big ones that Hana strove to master, even though her inherited, Mojoworld attention span sometimes made sticking to lessons difficult for her. Still, under her mother's tutelage and with additional outside help, Hana soon grew into a formidable ballroom dancer as well as discovering a natural talent for singing that at times seemed to surpass even her mother's. With a musical star for a mother and a man genetically created to be gifted at entertaining, it was no surprise to the family that Hana (and eventually all of her siblings), would show great talents. It was merely a matter of time.

At age fourteen, both Hana and her twin began to manifest mutant powers and plans were made to send them to school at Xavier's Institute in New York. While Aiden's power set seemed to mirror their mother's almost completely, Hana's showed itself to be almost completely opposite. Hana exhibited control over shadows and darkness, and found, much to her displeasure, that her mother and brother's light powers cut right through them.

Hana arrived at Xavier's full of anticipation for great adventures. Although she was quiet and polite almost to a fault, she still craved excitement and as a result she found her grades flagging in the usual, mundane classes while her marks in the specialty courses she was assigned to soared. As soon as she'd proven herself in her introductory self-defense and survival classes, she'd practically lived in the Danger Room. Hana made every excuse to join any group going in that would have her. It wasn't the fighting (although she did enjoy the physical challenge) so much as the situations. Each one was different and even if it was only an illusion of some other corner of New York, it was something new.

The first two years at Xavier's passed with relative ease. Then, in the year Hana turned seventeen, The Hand under the command of The Silver Samurai set into motion a plan to torment Hana's parents for their involvement in the fight against The Hand's evil. The plot would involve kidnapping her twin brother and forcing Hana and Mikhail (Misha) Loganovich Romanov to attempt a rescue. All three escaped and survived, although all three suffered varying levels of injury.

The Hand returned for a second attack days later in which they took Hana right off the grounds of the X-Mansion. Once again, they kept and tortured their prisoner, although no demands were sent back to her parents or anyone else. Their aim was not to set a trap, but to torment and break Hana so badly that it would drive her father into a fit of unstable rage. That part of the plan, at least, was moderately successful. Either the horror of the event or the multiple electric shocks she was given over the three day period caused Hana to lose her memories of herself, her family, and her past.

While Hana's memories trickled back she remained under house arrest at the mansion along with her brother and Misha, under the watchful eyes of several adults. Hana's father joined Wolverine and the Black Widow to hunt down The Silver Samurai and The Hand. As soon as the opportunity arose, Aiden slipped away from the Institute and with his girlfriend, Angel Wagner, to hunt The Hand on their own. When it was discovered that Aiden had gone, Longshot went in search of his son and took Hana with him to keep her safe himself.

A request for help from Wolverine brought the two hunting parties together when Misha, too, left the mansion and was taken. Longshot's use of psychometry gave them leads enough to finally track down The Hand and rescue Misha from The Silver Samurai, but not before he'd suffered horribly at Harada's hands. Aiden appeared during the fight and was run through the chest by Harada. Hana used her shadow stepping power to reach her brother and deflect the Samurai's attention before Aiden was killed. Much to her own amazement, she managed to hold her own in the sword fight for a number of minutes, sustaining only minor injuries, before Wolverine appeared and the Samurai fled. Hana, Aiden, and Misha eventually all made full recoveries.

An entity still unknown later caused a stir when the kids of Xavier's and the young Avengers were snatched up and dropped randomly into various fairytale settings. Hana found herself installed as the wicked step-mother in the Cinderella story. After a series of mishaps and re-winds, Hana finally realized that the story must played out in its entirety to end it and get home. With the help of the Fairy Godfather, played by a reluctant Bruce Jones, they finally succeeded and returned to their proper universe.

That October, strange events began to plague Xavier's Institute. Small things at first, which slowly began to become more frightening and more dangerous. Hana and her brother were nearly drowned in the lake on the grounds by unknown creatures in the water. Unknown to the Instutite's inhabitants, The Faerie Queen had sent her minions into the world to drive the 'humans' off their land. The Faerie's pranking and attacks ended in full scale battle when the Queen herself, her generals, and their army marched out through a portal and into the mortal world on Halloween night. Handfuls of students stepped up to fight the invaders. Hana joined her brother, Valeria Richards, and Molly Hayes as they faced the Queen and her generals. After a long-fought battle that left most of the students involved badly injured, the faerie army was finally turned back which forced the Queen back through her portal and into her own realm.

Faeries were not their only problematic, alternate dimension visitors. Shortly before the final battle with the Faerie Queen, another group of dimensional travelers arrived in New York. The exact doubles of many of the Xavier's and Avenger's kids turned up to wreak havoc on the lives of their opposites. Hana's double, a psychotic shadow dancer raised by Mojo's assassin Spiral, trapped the adults of the X-Men in their universe's version of the Siege Perilous. With the adults out of the way, the evil doubles began attacking their counterparts. Hana and Misha narrowly survived an encounter with the other world's Sara Summers, who burned the both of them and induced a seizure in Misha. Badly wounded, Hana found Valeria and enlisted her help in containing Sara while Hana took Misha to the medical bay. With his healing factor, Misha recovered more quickly than Hana and despite being badly wounded the both of them continued working to contain the invaders and get help to the Institute. Hana eventually got word to the Night Nurse and helped sneak the doctor onto the grounds to tend the wounded. Their timing was fortunate, as Hana stumbled over Misha after he'd been mauled by the alternate world's version of Chris Grant-Pym.

A group of benevolent alternates from the same universe soon arrived to help defeat the evil doubles and force them back to their home dimension. Hana's double would not survive to return to her world. Aiden's evil double crushed evil-Hana between a car and the garage wall. Not content with only one grisly method of killing, Aiden then slit her throat just to be sure.

Longing for a return to something more 'normal', Hana enrolled in ballroom dancing lessons through a dance studio in the city. sadly, 'normal' was not to be. One evening after class, she stumbled upon what she assumed to be a mugging happening near the studio. Hana stepped in to rescue the man being accosted and defeated the two thugs attacking him. During the fight, an unknown, masked man appeared. Hana politely thanked the masked man for his near assist at the end of the fight, much to his apparent confusion. Although the gang of thugs attacked Hana herself later as she walked home form lessons with her dance partner, Marcelo Alencar da Silva, Hana has not seen the masked man again.

A few days after the New Year's celebrations ended in Japan, Hana received word that her brother Aiden had disappeared during a flight back to New York. A search of the plane by Rachel Grey and Valeria discovered that Aiden had been taken by Spiral, most likely at Mojo's behest. Days passed and then "movies" began to air on television networks world-wide showing Aiden in various dangerous film settings. The world at large, not aware of the fact that a death on-screen in one of Mojo's films equated to death in reality as well, watched with enthusiasm and the resultant ratings caused more and more to be produced. Each was more dangerous than the one before.

A plan to recover Aiden was devised, but a key element depended on Spiral arriving on Earth once more, which they could only wait and hope for. In spite of Hana's pleading, she was refused a part in the planned rescue. Her father didn't want to risk her safety as well. As it turned out,Longshot didn't have a say in the matter. When Spiral did return to Earth, it was to grab a selection of individuals of her choosing from Xavier's. That selection included Hana, her mother, and her cousin Caroline Song as well as Aiden's girlfriend and a handful of others.

The rescue did not go smoothly. Hana and her mother fought with Aiden who wanted to run Mojo's scene as it was directed for fear that Mojo would kill the alien 'extras' if they did not. Hana and Alison were of the opinion that fighting out was the better answer. In the end, they finally did as he asked, but the situation left a strain on the family relationships that lasted for many months after they returned to Earth.

As a child of two former X-Men, Hana was no stranger to interdimensional shenanigans. Even so, it came as some small surprise to discover a young woman calling herself Josephine Blaire-Bennet had made contact with Xavier's. Josephine had been displaced from her universe and come to Xavier's looking for Alison Blaire. Unable to ignore a child of her own, even if she hadn't actually given birth to it, Alison arrived to meet Josephine. Although Hana has spent time with Josephine on a few additional occasions, they still remain a bit distant, if friendly.

Tragedy seemed to like to follow Hana. On April 1, 2009, she discovered fellow student Jia Lee Starsmore dead in her bedroom. It was later discovered that Jia had died as a result of poisoning after eating tainted candy bars. The same poisoned candy also made several other students at the Institute ill, including Wolverine's young daughter Emily Rose Hudson. All the rest of the sick students recovered, however the source of the poisoned candy was never discovered.

Hana graduated in June of 2009. After graduation, she left on her motorcycle for a cross-country road trip. Hana drove from New York to San Francisco and back with just a bag of clothes, a map, and a sleeping bag (although she'd admit to cheating with a night in a hotel here and there). The trip took a little over two months, but in Hana's opinion it was worth every moment.

Not long after returning from her trip across country, Hana received the biggest surprise of her life. A group of time-displaced children arrived on Xavier's front lawn. Among them was a seventeen year old girl named Malina Romanov, who called Hana 'Mom'. The girl explained that she was Hana and Misha's future daughter and she had been thrown back in time, along with the other children, as an emergency protective measure to keep them safe from an attack of massive proportions. The exact details of the danger were not given to the children before they were transported.

Malina stayed with Hana and Misha at Xavier's through Christmas. Shortly after the new year, Rachel Grey arrived from the future and took the kids home. Hana tearfully promised to see the girl again in a few years.

Hana returned to Xavier's after graduation in order to join the reservist X-Men team. While she did not feel as if she wanted to be a 'hero' for life, she recognized that she had abilities which were useful in many dangerous situations and she was unable to deny that she could do some real good on the X-Men team. It just wasn't something she cared to do full time.

Another of her part time commitments was to Silver Sable International and the Wild Pack. The American branch of S.S.I. was established not long before Hana graduated from Xavier's. The beta Wild Pack team was headed by Lisa Preston and Veronika Sable-Preston, two of Hana's honorary aunts. Hana considered it to be a family business and, aside from the ability to help people and do good things, she also relished the travel and adventure that came with mercenary work.

When not working and training with either the X-Men or the Wild Pack, Hana attends classes part time at Empire State University. She is studying business and marketing in order to acquire the degree and the knowledge necessary to one day open her own business. Whether that business will be a bakery or a dance studio, she has yet to decide.


Alison Blaire (mother), Longshot (father, living)

Other Relatives

Aiden Blaire — twin brother (living)
Percy Blaire — brother (living)
Emi Blaire — sister (living)
Tristan Blaire — brother (living)
Caroline Song — cousin (living)
Josephine Blaire-Bennet — half-sister (living)
Lisa Preston — aunt (living)
Veronika Sable-Preston — aunt (living)
Lois London — aunt (living)

Important Relationships

Mikhail Loganovich Romanov — significant other (living)
Zachary Dalton — foster son (living)
Jeremy Pierce — foster son (living)


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 131 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Other distinguishing marks or characteristics:

Four fingers and four toes on each hand.

Powers & Abilities

Hana controls all forms of shadow and darkness. She can shift her body into a shadow form which can blend with the shadows around her to make her nearly invisible. In this form, objects can pass through her. Depending on how fast or hard the object is moving, she can be struck by the pain equivalent of the impact without actually sustaining a physical injury. The duration of the pain would also be proportional to the seriousness of the impact. For example, if she were to be shot in shadow form, she would feel the pain of the wound without actually sustaining the injury. The pain would last just a few days. If someone were to walk through her while in the shadow form, she would merely feel as if someone had bumped into her as they walked by.

While in her shadow form, Hana can step into a shadow itself and 'shadow walk' between that space and another, so long as there is sufficient shadow in the destination spot. The distance she can travel in one such 'step' is currently about 1000 feet, although she is working to extend her range. She can carry another person or objects with her when she shadow walks and has discovered that while she is between shadows, other people's mutant abilities are temporarily inaccessible.

Hana can draw a shadow to her and use it to form simple objects such as non-mechanical weapons (swords, staffs, etc). She has also used them for comfort objects such as chairs or swings. The solidity of the object is dependent on how she forms the object in her mind. Thus far, she has been able to create objects ranging from pillow softness to the hardness of steel.

If necessary, Hana can cover a space approximately 80 feet by 80 feet in a blanket of pure darkness. In this darkness, all forms of natural light are useless. Lights created by mutant powers or magical means are moderately useful.

Additionally, Hana's eyes can see in all forms of darkness.

Significant Weaknesses

Hana has a lingering phobia of bodies of water and her powers can be neutralized with the right amount of lighting.

Source of Powers

From her mutant and Mojoworlder parents.

Other Skills

From a young age, Hana was trained in hand-to-hand combat and weapons use. Longshot taught Hana and her siblings some of a variety of ninjitsu he learned during his work with his adopted clan. He also taught them the tumbling and acrobatics which he was programed with at his creation. From Alison, the kids were taught from the lessons she learned while working with Xavier's X-Men. Their primary goal was self-defense, owing to the worry that past enemies such as Mojo and The Hand would come for the children.

Hana excels at sword play. At her parents behest, she also learned to be functional with staffs, knives, and throwing stars, but whenever possible, Hana will turn to a sword for defense. Her preferred swords are fast and light, such as a katana or a cutlass. Thanks to her parents early teachings, Hana was trained under Wolverine in his advanced self-defense class at Xavier's which gave her the opportunity to join the reserve X-Men team.

In the year she has been employed as a part-time mercenary with the Wild Pack, she has been given extensive training with firearms. She is by no means an expert, but she can hold her own in a fire fight. For fun, she asked to be taught to work with minor explosives so that she and her cousin Caroline would have an additional mutual frame of reference for conversation.

She is fluent in the spoken and written forms of English, Japanese, and Cadre. Currently, she is learning to speak Russian and can passably converse in the language.

Hana's other skills include professional level ballroom dancing as well as an operatic range singing voice which rivals her mother's. She can also cook and bake exceptionally well.


Carries a katana on assignment for the X-Men and wears the basic, black leather uniform of the X-Men.

With the Wild Pack, she carries a 9mm handgun in addition to the sword. She wears a basic, black bodysuit with Wild Pack insignia & a face shielding mask.

Teams and Affiliations

Hana works part time with both the X-Men and the Wild Pack.


She is unable to resist baking, small cute things, and shiny objects.

Fun Facts

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Birthday January 1, 1991 Favorite Color Pink
Favorite Food Pasta bolognese Favorite Music Girl punk and singers with powerful voices. Also opera and Broadway show tunes.
Likes Dislikes
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