Julia Sheridan
Julia Sheridan
Real Name Julia Sheridan
Code Name Poltergeist
Alignment Ghost
Affiliation X-Men
Base of Operations Xavier Institute


Julia led a completely average and uneventful life for her first 17 1/2 years. She is the middle child of three, with an older brother and a younger sister. Her mother is a nurse, and her father is a car salesman, the family is not rich, but neither are they very poor. She had friends, she had a boyfriend, she ran track, sang in the choir, and played in the high school band. Her grades were never spectacular, but they were good enough to get her into community college… maybe more, if she buckled down to her studies her senior year.

All this changed one night when Julia attended a graduation party for the class one year ahead of hers. The party was held where the parties always were, at an abandoned quarry outside of town that had long since filled with water. They built a bonfire, someone hooked their iPod up to the car stereo with the best speakers, someone else managed to get a keg, and of course, there were varied intoxicants of all kinds making the rounds.

She'd had way, way too much to drink. More than she ever had before, but, she was having fun horsing around with her friends, chasing and being chased along the edge of the quarry, until her foot slipped on a loose rock, and she was falling, falling, falling, it's so dark, it's so cold…

Now, she's a cautionary tale for future generations of students. Only, she doesn't feel dead.

She drifted around, incorporeal, for about a year before finding her way to the Xavier Institute, which was wearing away at her mental health. With the help of the staff, particularly Franklin Richards and Rachel Grey-Ramsey, she's been able to learn how to make herself visible (most of the time) and communicate with others, which has been a great relief.


Parents TBA

Other Relatives

Siblings TBA

Important Relationships

The kitchen and maintenance staff hate her.


Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Hair Color: Pale blonde
Eye Color: Pale blue

Other distinguishing marks or characteristics:

Sometimes transparent

Powers & Abilities

Julia is an incorporeal being composed of energies drawn from the Astral Plane. As such, she can pass through solid objects and living beings. She has an electromagnetic field, so when she passes through mechanical, electrical, or electronic devices they may glitch and malfunction, but the effect is only temporary. When she passes through a person or animal, they will feel a chill at first, and a feeling of dread with prolonged contact. She can also project her cold spots to create a temporary effect anywhere within her line of sight. Julia is both telepathic and telekinetic, otherwise she would be unable to communicate or interact with the world at all.

Julia tends to create telekinetic and psychic effects of a frightening or spooky nature, like bleeding walls and moaning or creaking sounds. This is not entirely under her control, although she's getting better at it. These effects may manifest spontaneously reflecting Julia's emotional state.

Significant Weaknesses

Julia is an incorporeal being composed of energies drawn from the Astral Plane. She's fairly impervious to most harm, but interacting with the corporeal world is a challenge, and a drain on her energy. Psychic and magical attacks, or a powerful EMP pulse can disrupt her astral energy body, requiring some time before she can pull herself back together. She can't be killed, she can't really even be injured, but she can certainly be taken out of action.

Source of Powers

Julia registers as a mutant, although it's impossible to test for the presence of the X-Factor gene in someone without a physical body. Legally, and as far as her family is concerned, she's dead. The staff at the Xavier Institute believe she may be alive. Julia herself isn't sure.

Other Skills

Julia has the skills and knowledge of a teenage girl who was an average student, and who has worked in coffee shops and retail sales.


When fatigued she may use a dry erase board or paper tablet and a marker to communicate.

Teams and Affiliations

Julia is currently a student at the Xavier Institute.


Julia doesn't really want to be scary, but she can't help it. She's a bit of a prankster, and combined with her powers, sometimes this leads to incidents.

Fun Facts

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Birthday October 31, 1995 Favorite Color Not blood red
Favorite Food Sad ghost face Favorite Music Ch-ch-ch-ha-ha-ha
Likes Dislikes
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike


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