Lena Essex
Lena Essex
Real Name Coraline Essex
Code Name None
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Hellfire Club
Base of Operations New York City


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"Father" Nathaniel Essex

Other Relatives

Nathaniel Essex. Genetically, she's also related to anyone who is a blood relative of Jean Grey.

Important Relationships

Allies: Mr Sinister, Selene, Ahura Boltagon, sometimes Vincent Amorason
Enemies: Rachel Grey-Ramsey


Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 135lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Orange

Other distinguishing marks or characteristics:

Lena speaks with an English Received Pronunciation accent. She has very sharp teeth, like a mouthful of incisors, and horizontal pupils like those of a goat, both of which she sometimes conceals using contacts and removable veneers, or her telepathy.

Powers & Abilities

Lena is a powerful telepath and telekinetic, as well as an adept magic user. Due to her demonic heritage, she is considerably stronger and more durable than a baseline human. She can drain the life force from other living beings to augment her powers, or to heal faster from injuries. She often drains life sheerly for the enjoyment.

Significant Weaknesses

Lena is vulnerable to holy objects when wielded by users who have faith in them.

Source of Powers

Human mutant/demon hybrid.

Other Skills

Lena is knowledgeable in human and mutant genetics, as well as dark magic.


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Teams and Affiliations

Hellfire Club, Inner Circle (Black Bishop)


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Fun Facts

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Birthday Unknown Favorite Color Fire
Favorite Food Human souls Favorite Music Opera
Likes Dislikes
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike


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