Liza Hellstrom
Liza Hellstrom
Real Name Mary Elizabeth Hellstrom
Code Name Hellkitten
Affiliation Street Level
Parents Patsy Walker & Daimon Hellstrom
Other Relatives Younger brother
Superhuman Powers Increased strength and durability
Source of Powers Human-Demon hybrid


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Powers & Abilities

Because of her demonic heritage, Liza is somewhat stronger, and considerably more durable than a baseline human. She can also sense the presence of magical or demonic energy, and entities. and has inherited low level psychic abilities from her mother. Low level, meaning Liza is not a telepath, however she would be the first non-telepath in the area to "hear" any kind of mental communications, and she sometimes gets impressions or "flashes". She might consider further developing her psychic abilities, but she is not interested in cultivating any inborn magical talents.

Liza prefers to rely on skill, rather than any superhuman abilities. She is a world class gymnast, and has training in akido, judo, kick boxing, as well as plain old hand to hand street fighting.

Liza is host to a demonic entity named the Basilisk, which potentially gives her access to an extremely high level of power. However, the Basilisk cannot be controlled, so using this power would only come as a last resort.


After an adventure with the new Defenders, Liza felt that her mother's old costume and equipment weren't up to the task. She recently received an upgrade from a mysterious benefactor. Liza's entire costume is now made of a high-performance polyethylene unidirectional fabric that is both extremely lightweight and bulletproof. Other features in addition:

  • Twaron-Composite skullcap for extra protection
  • Two sets of protective lenses that can be switched on touch:
  1. Night vision
  2. Thermal sight
  • Retractable claws
  • Claws can be launched, attached to Liza's swingline, and then retracted
  • Claws generate heat
  • Claws can inject a sedating agent through the tips
  • Stores swingline when not in use
  • Utility pouches for things like handy criminal-restraining zipties
  • Flexible, with toe claws for grip, and a coating on the bottom for shock absorption and extra traction

Teams & Affiliations

Defenders, reserve Avengers, sometimes works with Vesper. ||

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