Sara Summers
Sara Summers
Real Name Sara Katherine Summers
Code Name None
Alignment Hero!
Affiliation New Mutants
Base of Operations New Mutants Power Station, New Jersey


Sara is the youngest child of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, and the only one raised in the same timeline she was born into. Sara was born in the Med-Lab area of the Xavier Institute, and spent most of her childhood on the grounds, growing up alongside the other children of the first generation of X-Men, except for some time spent living with her maternal grandparents, John and Elaine Grey. Her parents wanted her to have some perspective on what life was like outside of the rather unconventional atmosphere of the Institute. However, even though she loved her grandparents, Sara did not enjoy her time attending a "regular" school, finding the anti-mutant prejudices of the students intolerable, and frankly, missing the excitement at Xavier's.

Her powers began to manifest, as with most mutants, around puberty. Initially, she had difficulty controlling them, especially on the higher end of the spectrum. Because of this, she was one of the few students at Xavier's school who did not have a roommate, and her former room in the girls' dormitory is still lined with lead plating.

At the start of her junior year in high school, Sara was kidnapped by agents of the genetic supremacist Apocalypse, brainwashed, and physically altered to become the new Famine, one of his Horsemen. While under his influence, she was ordered to attack Japan and China, and was responsible for many deaths, and widespread economic devastation caused by the destruction of vast swaths of agricultural land in China. She was freed from Apocalypse's control, but she still retains many of the physical alterations her performed, as well as a deep sense of guilt for her actions. She fears that the Famine persona may still be lurking somewhere in her subconscious.

After graduating from Xavier's, Sara enrolled in Rutgers University, with a dual major in Political Science and Astrophysics. She lives in a remodeled power station in New Jersey with her teammates Aiden Blaire, Angela Wagner, and Caroline Song. (Angela and Caroline are also attending Rutgers.)

Sara became an unwilling reality TV star when the team went to Mojoworld to rescue Aiden. Don't ask her about those tapes.


Jean Grey & Scott Summers

Other Relatives

Sister: Rachel Grey-Ramsey
Brother-In-Law: Doug Ramsey
Brother: Nathan Christopher Dayspring Askanii'son Summers
Grandfather: Christopher Summers
Uncle: Alex Summers
Aunt: Lorna Dane-Summers
Cousin: Christopher Phillip Summers

Important Relationships

Dating Bruce Jones
Her closest friends are the other New Mutants, especially Aiden Blaire and Angela Wagner.


Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Other distinguishing marks or characteristics:

Sara has a tattoo of a radiation symbol on her left hip. Alcohol and a dare were involved.

Powers & Abilities

Sara can absorb, generate, and redirect any form of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. She can also see energy just as if it was light, and she can use microwaves or thermal infrared radiation to heat the air around her, allowing her to fly. She can use her absorbed energy to maintain her body without any other nourishment, up to a point (Indeed, she could not survive indefinitely without being able to absorb some kind of radiation) but doing so for a long period of time is not healthy for her. Due to Apocalypse's machinations she is somewhat stronger and more durable than she was, and she can also see and absorb the energies of living creatures. Sara does not like to use, or even acknowledge these extra abilities from Apocalypse, although the increased durability has come in handy on occasion. (Particularly when a giant rampaging space lizard throws her several blocks through a billboard in downtown Honolulu.)

Significant Weaknesses

Sara has some unresolved issues from the time she was under Apocalypse's control. For a time after she was freed, she refused to eat, subsisting only on radiation. In times of great stress, she may revert to this behavior.

Source of Powers


Other Skills

Sara is a trained pilot and an adequate hand-to-hand fighter, although she prefers to use her powers.


No special equipment.

Teams and Affiliations

New Mutants, X-Men Reserve Team


Despite being able to generate heat and microwaves at will, Sara is a terrible cook.

Fun Facts

Totally optional, but they add a little depth to your character's personality.

Birthday November 20 Favorite Color Red
Favorite Food Onion Rings Favorite Music Anything
Likes Dislikes
Sunlight Hoodies Apocalypse Mojo
Bruce Pirates Mr. Sinister Being kidnapped
Planes Spaceships Hidden cameras Reality TV
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike
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