Real Name Marcelo Joaquim Alencar da Silva
Code Name Vesper
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Street level
Base of Operations Where do they hang their spandex?


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Letícia Marisa Alencar da Silva (mother, deceased), Luíz Adriano Alencar da Silva (father, living)

Other Relatives

Renata Delcine Ibáñez Alencar (maternal aunt, living)

Important Relationships

Engaged to Stephanie Shaw.


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Other distinguishing marks or characteristics:

Speaks with a Brazilian accent

Powers & Abilities

  • master of capoeira
  • red belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Silent Zone: Can cancel out all sound within a 5' radius
  • Silent Self: Can make his movements absolutely silent despite what he is wearing or carrying
  • Sound Tolerance: Can keep high-volume noises from ruining his hearing
  • Far-Hearing: Can 'bend' sound waves, causing sounds too distant for him to hear to reach his ears
  • Part of the richest family in Brazil due to its booming economy
  • Uses company resources and inventions to help with his heroic endeavors
Significant Weaknesses

Psychological limitation that he feels obligated to fight crime; Secret Identity

Source of Powers

His sound-based powers came from a lab accident at Veridian Dynamics

Other Skills

Any specials?


His entire suit is made of a flexible Twaron weave to help with bullet-resistance and flame resistance. He has plans to update his suit with a structured polymer composite material from Veridian Dynamics to help with the durability and bullet-proof qualities while retaining flexibility.

* He has a fitted cap portion under the material that is made of harder, molded Twaron to protect the top of his head from damage
* He has an advanced radio communicator built into the ear portions of his cowl. It's used mainly scan audio transmissions, particularly of the police band. He can also use it to broadcast a transmission like an anonymous call into the police.
* There is a voice modulator located in the throat area. It hides his distinctive accent.
* He has added mask lenses that are colored green to his mask. The lenses are polarized and will eventually be where his combat analyzer will display results. (He doesn't have the analyzer yet, that's a few months down the road.) But the lenses currently off some protection from flash blindness. Though super-bright light for an extended period of time will effectively blind him.

* He carries his wing pack on his back. It is the most heavily armored part of his suit, to protect it and Marcelo himself from the built in jets. It would operate too loudly to be useful except Marcelo's silencing powers remove the noise. Extendable wings and engines to help him with vertical take off. It has been modified slightly to help power a couple of new gadgets. Tubing is hooked to apertures and runs along his arms under his suit.

* He now has flexible tubing running along the underside of his arms to a pair of customized bracers on his forearms.
* Bracer Blasters: these are activated by him pressing the activator pad on the bottom of his thumbs to the ones on top of his forefingers and then cocking his fists to the left or right (getting his hands out of the way of the blasts).
+ The outside of his arms have compressed air blasters.
- His left hand one fires air blasts as a concussive blast with up to 2 tons of force. The blasts can't travel too far before losing so much cohesion that they have no offensive effect.
- His right hand one has a loadable feed into the firing chamber. The feed can hold up to five sabots/pellet. He has three varieties he can use: flechette sabots, flare sabots, knockout gas pellets.
~ Flechette sabots: Armor piercing small darts. Mainly fired at vehicles and more specifically tires to disable them.
~ Flare sabots: Flash attack (why he had polarized lenses put in his mask) and also a signal if needed
~ Knock-out gas pellets: Not breathing it in is the best way not to be effected.
+ On the inside of the right-hand bracer is a sonic blaster. It projects focused sound for a devastating concussive effect. It is experimental so sometimes it does not produce the concussive blast. It always produces a deafening sound when used, even on misfires.
+ On the inside of the left-hand bracer is a vibro-blaster. It blasts vibratory energy that can throw of a living target's sense of balance and coordination. Due to the nature of the blaster, it is hard to hold his left arm steady when using this power.

* Utility belt to supplement the pouches on his legs
+ Items on the belt & in the pouches: small first aid kit, a few homing tracers, extra knockout gas pellets, utility knife, small butane torch, small flashlight caltrops, zip ties
+ Also has two apprehension weapons hanging from his belt. They are not gun-shaped but like large rectangles with a hole 1/3 of the way in with a trigger inside. One is a bola gun and the other is a net gun. Both are capable of 1 shot and then they need to be reloaded.

* Cling-Boots: These boots use vacuum technology to allow his feet to cling to a surface. This helps him hang from ceilings like a bat.

Teams and Affiliations

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Only two people are aware of his secret identity, Hana Blaire and Stephanie Shaw.

Fun Facts

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Birthday October 8, 1988 Favorite Color Green
Favorite Food Churrasco Favorite Music Sertanejo
Likes Dislikes
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike
A like A like A dislike A dislike
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