Hellfire Club
The Hellfire Club
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Base of Operations Global Headquarters established at Shaw Industries Tower.
Status Currently Active.
Organization Leader(s) Lord Paramount Sebastian Shaw
Current Members (Lords Cardinal) Sebastian Shaw, Mr. Sinister, Selene, Trevor Fitzroy, Reginald Crane
Other Members (Honorary, Reserve, etc.) Stephanie Shaw, Alistaire Shaw
Former Members Emma Frost, Viveca von Roehm, Manuel de Rocha
Allies Marauders, Thieves' Guild
Enemies X-Men


The Hellfire Club exists in the public eye as a decadent meeting place for the rich and famous. In reality, though, it is an elaborate front for a vast conspiracy to create a global mutant aristocracy to rule the world through economic and political influence.


In day to day business, the individual chapters of the Hellfire Club are allowed to run themselves, but general policy is directed by the Lord Paramount, as advised by the Lords Cardinal. Sebastian Shaw has the authority to raise or dismiss any member of any of the chapters of the Club worldwide.

Branches exist, in order of seniority, New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin and Shanghai. Prospective expansion to Sao Paolo, Moscow and Mumbai in the next few years.


Created in the 18th century, the Hellfire Club has been famous as a meeting place for the rich and famous since then. In the last few decades, however, it has taken on a new prominence as Sebastian Shaw organized a new Inner Circle bent on the creation of a mutant aristocracy to rule the world quietly. In the meantime, the Hellfire Club has become a serious enemy to the X-Men and Sebastian's leadership has been challenged several times, most notably by two seeming assassinations, though he survived one and the other appears to have been an elaborate ruse. His seeming death plunged the Club into a lengthy interregnum, in which the global branches became virtually independent and the New York branch virtually ceased to exist. However, the chaos enabled Sebastian to recreate the position of Lord Paramount, gaining control over the global Hellfire Club. Seemingly on the brink of disappearance, it is now clear that the Hellfire Club is perhaps even more powerful than ever.


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