Thieves Guild (Enforcers Branch)
Thieves Guild (Enforcers Branch)
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Base of Operations Worldwide w/ chapters in select cities (Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Manhattan, etc.)
Status Active
Organization Leader(s) A council within the Thieves Guild.
Current Members Alisa LeBeau
Other Members (Honorary, Reserve, etc.) Thieves Guild
Former Members N/A
Allies Thieves Guild, Sebastian Shaw, Alistaire Shaw
Enemies The Assassins Guild


While the Thieves Guild is known for breaking into the most difficult places and performing amazing robberies, The Enforcer Guild is quite different. When Guild leaders realized some of the Thieves were being dishonest about their take or contributions to the Guild, they decided to form a group that would handle these issues to prevent chaos and turmoil within the Guild. Enforcers would enforce Guild law to ensure the Guilds got their dues and loot was separated fairly. If anyone claimed they were wronged, an Enforcer would be dispatched to deal with the situation. If an Enforcer was unable to talk sense into a Thief over their wrong-doings, they were allowed to use brute force and torture within reason. Enforcers were soon feared within the Guild, as much as they were valued. As time passed, they were given other tasks within the Guild. Protecting families within the order, guarding loot, and members even having their services gifted to the rich and powerful as guards and "clean up" crews. Those who served loyally were given tattoos or "marks" that allowed them to take votes on certain situations and help decide how they should be handled before an Enforcer would be sent out. They also were granted the ability to work separate from the Guild for anyone of their choosing, but were still obligated to serve the guild when requested.


The Enforcers branch of the Guild is often run by the same council within the Thieves Guild. Certain tasks are voted upon by members who have "earned their mark" within the Enforcers section of the Guild, while others are handled by the Thieves Guild.

The Enforcer Branch of Guild has several levels, as does the Thieves Guild:

Grand Enforcers: They are considered leaders and work with the Thieves Guild at a closer level. They pick who does what job, take votes of various issues that may deal with the Enforcer Branch of the Guild, and allowed into Thieves Guild Meetings to have a say so in certain matters.

Master Enforcers: Are those who have earned their marks and allowed to have say in votes and decisions effecting the Guild, as well as the ability to work freelance. They are also required to aid in any jobs if they are requested by the Guilds.

Enforcers: They serve the Guild and only the Guild. They have no say in who they work for, or what jobs they do.

Fledglings: Often failed members of the Thieves Guild who are sent to be trained as Enforcers. They are to be trained in combat, negotiations, torture tactics, first aid, various languages, and simple lock picking. Once these skills have been mastered, they are allowed to move up to the Enforcer rank. Again, they have no say in what jobs they get.


The Enforcers Guild often has taken contracts by Sebastian Shaw in the past. Mostly to provide the Hellfire Club with trained guards and staff that are more worldly than your average thug. Because of how well Sebastian Shaw has paid, the Enforcers Branch seeks to remain in his favor. The Thieves Guild themselves have worked with Sebastian Shaw as well, it is said. Their jobs were more or less to help ruin his enemies, fetch rare pieces of artwork, and ensure that by the time Sebastian Shaw got the artwork that it was "clean".


Alisa LeBeau is one of only five female Master Enforcers in the whole world. The organization mostly takes in men, as they are deemed stronger than women and easier to train when it comes to torture techniques. Due to her mutant powers and somewhat tough nature, she had proven the stereo-type wrong and Earned her Mark before her 21st Birthday, which was quite a feat. This unfortunately has many male members of the Enforcers branch angry to this day, while others respect the young woman and the doors she opened for other female members in the faction.

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