Gina's Apartment
Gina's Apartment
Type Dwelling
Locale Alphabet City, Manhattan, NY, NY
Aliases Gina's Luv Shack
Population 1
Owner Gina pays the rent, usually on time.


Gina moved here when her native Brooklyn became overrun with hipsters, driving up the rents. Manhattan is where all the ritzy people live anyways, right? She doesn't think this neighborhood feels very ritzy, but a girl's gotta start somewhere. Besides, this location has the highest door frame clearance of any apartment in the entire borough under $5000 a month!



Clockwise, from the left:

Living Room

Comfy, reinforced couch.
Hilarious print of dogs playing poker.
Plasma screen TV that she totally paid for!
Shrine #1/Bookshelf filled with Harlequin Romance novels and wrestling magazines.
Lamp from Mom's house.


Steel reinforced extra-king sized bed, sturdy enough for a Hulk! (Hubba hubba!)
Dresser/Shrine #2
Shoe Rack
Walls covered with pictures printed out from the Internet of that dreamy green guy.

Closet/Prime Shrine

There's never enough closet space in these places. Where's a girl supposed to keep her shoes, anyways?


That shower's kinda dinky, y'know. They should have designed it better. Those elbow shaped holes are totes not Gina's fault!


A girl's gotta eat! Let's see, we got a breakfast bar, an industrial strength blender, a sink full of dishes, a microwave, a stove, a coffee maker, and a fridge.


Gina Rosenberg-Reece
Several dying houseplants
A green betta fish named Jay


Nobody but Gina ever comes here. And that's probably for the best.

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