Veridian Dynamics
Veridian Dynamics
Type Business
Locale Manhattan, New York
Aliases The Brazilian Offices of New York
Population N/A
Owner Luíz Adriano Alencar da Silva


This building was purchased and renovated by Veridian Dynamics when they looked to expand their business outside of Brazilian borders.


The Veridian Dynamics American headquarters is a 60 story building covered in in greenish-blue glass. The 60 stories does not cover the three subbasements beneath the building. The interior of the building is filled with the latest in telecommunications equipment and high-tech computers.

The ground floor contains the main entrance and the welcome center for the building. Upon entering the main atrium, visitors are given name badges that also function as sentry monitors, providing that person's constant location and condition. The Welcome Center currently acts as the reception and information desk for visitors to the building. When other lessees move into the building, they will have assistance from the Welcome Center receptionists. There is also a reception office through double doors behind the Welcome Center. Also on the first floor is a waiting room, the public Security & Safety Monitoring office, and retail plazas on either side of the Welcome Center. The retail areas have a company gift store and kiosks for vendors to sell from.

The second floor houses the Press Area, which is used for press conferences. Video transceiver hook-ups provide access to most network receiving stations. On the other side of the second floor is a gallery devoted to showing art from Brazil and/or pieces of art made by Veridian employees.

The company gymnasium and locker rooms are on the third floor.

Unless otherwise noted below, each floor above the third contains offices, conference rooms, rest rooms, utility rooms, and supply closets in some configuration.

The fifth floor houses the company Cafeteria. A large kitchen sits behind the Cafeteria.

On the 10th floor and every 5 floors after it, employee lounges are built in amongst the offices.

The 11th floor houses the Veridian on-site Medical clinic.

The 15th, 30th, and 45th floors are comprised of structural reinforcements, backup electronics, and maintenance subsystems.

The 29th and 59th floors have additional Security & Safety Monitoring offices on them.

The 39th floor contains the floor-wide Library & Research Center.

The 40th floor contains Marcelo's office, other executive offices, and the Executive Meeting Room.

The 41st floor is dedicated to Veridian's HR department with HR offices and training rooms.

The 42nd through 59th floors contain laboratories.

The 60th floor is open to the public provided they go through the Welcome Center.

Sublevel One: The primary Computer Core for the building is housed in this subbasement. Also contained on this level are a couple Research Labs, a Security Monitoring Area, the only access to the Vault on Sublevel 3, and underground warehouse storage areas.

Sublevel Two: There is a Maintenance & Utilities and Storage section located on this level. However, the bulk of the subbasement is the Geothermal Tap & Engineering Section. Veridian Dynamics does not run off the NYC power grid and gets most of its power from this section.

Sublevel Three: Only accessed from the elevator down from Sublevel One. This contains the the Vault for high priority experiment prototypes not currently in development. Only Marcelo, Luíz, and a few others have the clearance to go into the vaults.


Marcelo Joaquim Alencar da Silva works from an office on the 40th floor of the building.
His secretary, Luiza.


The business offices were upgraded for the employees' protection after a dragon destroyed several offices, including Marcelo's personal office.

The glass covering the building is of Veridian's own design and make. It's a special metallic glass made with a type aluminum oxide and palladium microalloy. It is more durable than other glasses used in construction. Though the material is not bomb-resistant.

All the Security & Monitoring Offices keep an eye on the security cameras throughout the building. The master security station that gets all feeds in the Security Station in the subbasement. All security personnel are armed with non-lethal means of taking down a person if necessary. No guns are permitted on Veridian Dynamics' grounds. Along with tasers, security officers also carry a net gun to capture anyone trying to flee being detained.

Due to the superheroic nature of some of New York City's inhabitants and the villains they fight, additional security measures have been put in place. There is an evacuation protocol in place if Veridian's building is under attack or going to be near a superheroic showdown. Reinforced doors lock down sensitive areas like the Computer Core and Laboratories. A few halls have knock-out gas diffusers that activate when someone without a badge enters after the building has been put on attack alert.

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